Radiant Light » Elizabeth's Summary

In Chapter 5 of her book Radiant Light: How the Work Began, Elizabeth gives a summary of the Radiant Light story, and how Christ led her to begin this work. These are her words in that chapter: 

If I summarise some of the things I’ve already mentioned, and add a few more details, I find that these are the things I long to share with all who want to know more about “Radiant Light”: 

Thanks to my parents, I was given Divine Life in baptism, soon after my birth.

It was Christ Who eventually showed me, however, the contrast between the radiance of His Divine glory and the darkness of our human sinfulness.

It was Christ Who brought me to repent and to change, and also to enter His Holy Catholic Church, in full Communion.

It was Christ Who increased my faith in Him and in His Presence in the Eucharist, and Who made me yearn to share that faith, so that other people could know the marvel of His friendship.

It was Christ Who convinced me of His tremendous love for me and of His fervent longing to see me happy forever, in Heaven.

It was Christ Who led me, in prayer, and in His Spirit’s power, to the Father Who is the Source of all true joy and peace and goodness.

It is Christ who has been teaching me in prayer for so many years, in order to make me a witness to His Love, and to produce a body of work which will encourage us all in the practice of the Catholic Faith.

It was Christ who asked me to speak to my parish priest at each new stage of the work and even to send my work to my Bishop and to the Holy Father.

It was Christ Who, in 1992, invited me to share His teachings quietly with each person who was willing  to hear about them, although Christ forbade me to seek publicity.  He explained that He would bring the work to fruition at exactly the right time.

It was Christ Who told me that this whole body of work is to be called “Radiant Light”, and Who gave me the image which is on the front cover of this little book.

It was Christ Who has inspired so many good people to help with the work.

It was Christ Who, when I’d spent nine years sharing His teachings, invited me to arrange a Conference, which would end with a celebration of Mass.  His plan is that people who have benefited from “Radiant Light” works can befriend and encourage one another in things to do with our Catholic Faith.

It was Christ Who asked that a badge be produced which would show out the image He had given me of a chalice with a Sacred Host above it, and with rays of light surmounted by the words “Radiant Light”; and Christ asked me to make the badges available so that people who love Him and who value this work can recognise one another.

It was Christ Who told me - this very week, in June 1999 - that the feast of His Body and Blood (also known as Corpus Christi, which we celebrate on the Friday following the Second Sunday after Pentecost) should be seen as a special day of celebration for all who are associated with “Radiant Light” and who therefore treasure Christ’s Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.

It is Christ Who now assures me that despite all setbacks - and despite my failings and limitations - this work will be fruitful.


Please say a prayer for me, and for all who are involved in any way in the work of “Radiant Light”, and for the whole Church (especially for those whose sufferings are greatest, or whose faith is weakest) - and also for the world: for people who have never heard of Christ or who have taken no interest, perhaps because of our failings.