Elizabeth Wang » A Painting in Progress

These are photographs of Elizabeth Wang painting in her studio in May 1995. They were taken, in sequence, as she painted the painting titled ‘We are lifted up to the Father when we pray through Christ'. The final version of this painting can be seen at the end of this series of photos. In the Spring/Summer of 1995 she painted a number of oil paintings, all of which are displayed in the images section of this website.


Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4


Stage 5


Stage 6


Stage 7


Stage 8


Stage 9


Stage 10


Stage 11


Stage 12


Stage 13


Stage 14


Stage 15


Stage 16


Final Painting

Through our union with Christ we are lifted up to the Father. Our union is more perfect, the more we resemble Christ in love. Code: T-01000-OL