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In Chapter 4 of her book Radiant Light: How the Work Began, Elizabeth Wang shares some of the teachings that Christ gave her about her mission and the work of Radiant Light. These passages are copied here: 


Christ is so kind that He has taught me, on dozens of occasions, about aspects of the work which He has invited me to undertake, and also about the reasons why such special work is necessary today. 


Here below are several of His explanations.  Some of them were given to me as ‘interior’ words; and others were given in moments of wordless infused knowledge; and so I’ve had to ‘translate’ them into words, as Christ has requested, so that other people can share what He has told me.


The teachings contain personal comments by Christ which were sometimes tender and sometimes authoritative, and yet which were always encouraging; and they also contain expressions of concern about the disbelief and irreverence which Christ can see today both in the hearts of many of His own ‘children’ and in the hearts of so many who try to live without the sure guidance and graces which He makes available in and through His Holy Catholic Church.


The dates on which the teachings below were given to me in prayer can be seen at the end of this chapter.



FIRST EXAMPLE (From Falling in Love pages 368-369, which contains T:1370 #1 and T:1370 #2 from Teachings-in-Prayer Volume Two.)



“Perfect love, expressed in sacrifice.


Christ’s love is so fervent that He didn’t let me dwell for long on the subjects of sin and purification.  He reassured me that He had especially chosen me for this work, even with all my failings, telling me:-


                   Be grateful for your task, without worrying about not being worthy of this work.  It is true that you are not worthy; nevertheless I have chosen you, with all your faults. (T:1370 #1).


                   Accept My Will, in simplicity.  Share My teachings.   Let nothing deter you from this task.


                   “It is your task.

I gave it to you

not because of your worthiness

but as My choice.

Others have other tasks.

This is yours!

I clothe you and adorn you for the task.

I make you fit.

I train you, and give the gifts you need.

You are poor,

but I give you all you need

to bring riches to others.” (T:1370 #2)”



SECOND EXAMPLE (From Falling in Love page 440, which contains T:1954 #1 and T:1954 #2 from Teachings-in-Prayer Volume Three.)



“Many joys.


My heart ached with joy whenever I recalled the Father’s magnificent teaching.  More and more, I understood what we mean by proclaiming that “GOD IS LOVE” (1 Jn 4:16); and I yearned to be able to share the Good News more effectively.  Meanwhile, Christ urged me:-


Share My Teachings with the people you meet; but realise that I want you to offer them primarily to members of My Holy Catholic Church, in order to renew the rudimentary faith of some, and to strengthen others whose faith is already well-established. (T:1954 #1).


Reassure My People!  Say with conviction that I, your God, am very near to you.  I am present in your hearts; and I am Really, sacramentally Present in the tabernacle, and on the holy altar! (T:1954 #2)”



THIRD EXAMPLE (From Falling in Love page 443, which contains T:1971 #5 and T:1971 #6 from Teachings-in-Prayer Volume Three.)



“… As I said earlier, I’d gone to the church every time I’d finished a pamphlet or a book, so that I could place the book on the shelf by the sanctuary - just for a minute or two, as I offered the work to Christ, and prayed that it would help people; and when I took ‘the blue book’ to church, I was astonished to hear Christ say to me:-


See how I reward you for following My prompting.  “Well done, Lizzie!”  I am delighted with this work; and what better thing could you have done, than to have brought it here to Me, before the tabernacle, asking Me to touch the hearts which meet My Truth within these pages.  (T:1971 #5)


Persevere with your writing.  Here is My holy Mother beside Me - as you can see; she too is encouraging you to press on with the work. (T:1971 #6)”



FOURTH EXAMPLE (From Teachings-in-Prayer Volume Three.)



“T:2014 #2 Follow the good example of My Saints.  Saint Francis counts his past penances and sufferings as mere nothings, in My service.  He sees himself as having been extremely fortunate to have been permitted to love and serve Me.

T:2015 #1  Place yourself before Me, peacefully, during your Novena Service.  Truly , when the Sacred Host is exposed on the altar, I am Present before you; and you are right to rejoice in this celebration, as you sit at the feet - so to speak - of your King and Saviour.

T:2015 #2  Don’t try to fill every moment of silence with words.  Enjoy My Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.  Rest in My Presence in an attitude of trust and love, with gratitude and confidence.

T:2016 #1  See how lavishly I reward you, when you turn to Me, trustingly, with every problem and query.  You are right to ask Me if I have a special name for your work: a name which is better than that which you have chosen.  Here is the title I want you to use.  It is pictured here before you, above the altar, during the Holy Sacrifice.  A Sacred Host is suspended above the chalice; and you can see that the words “RADIANT LIGHT” appear in a semi-circular fashion around the design.  These words best describe My Glory and My Wisdom, and also the Work which I am doing through these teachings and paintings. (WC:2016)

T:2016 #2  Set aside the name which you had tentatively chosen for this collection of work and for the body which will take care of it all.  Call my work “RADIANT LIGHT”, and continue with your plans to safeguard the images and teachings which I have given to you and which you have reproduced in obedience to My wishes.  Through My teachings and your work, you can be confident of promoting the Catholic Faith in a unique yet faithful way.”



FIFTH EXAMPLE (From Falling in Love pages 450-451, which contains extracts from Teachings-in-Prayer Volume Three.)



“… Christ assured me, soon afterwards, that the Saints of Heaven are very close to me, as I continue with my writings and with my prayers (T:2030).  He also said:-


Put your trust in Me, once more.  It seems to you as though you are not doing enough to encourage other people in their faith, and to spread My teachings.  But I assure you that “You’re doing very well, Lizzie,” in difficult circumstances. (T:2031 #1)


Radiant Light.


A little later on, Christ explained the title which He had given me for future use with the whole work.  It was a name which He had invited me to keep for the day when the whole body of work would eventually be made plain.  He told me:-


Understand something more about your task: about our joint work which I have entitled “RADIANT LIGHT.”  Through these teachings, I am doing just what you have heard described today in Holy Scripture; My aim is “to radiate the light of the knowledge of God’s Glory,” which is the Glory which you yourself have been privileged to see on My face: “on the face of Christ.” (T:2032 #1)


Then He reassured me:-


Don’t worry about your unworthiness to do this work.  Truly, it is a task which I Myself have given to you.  Rejoice in it, and continue with your efforts to complete it.  (T:2032 #2)”


“The whole message.


On another day, Christ explained the dire need of Church members today for reminders of the plain truths of the Gospel.  He urged me:-


Co-operate with Me, no matter what it costs you.  Through you , I am reminding My People of some of the truths of faith which have been overlooked or even denied, today, by some who claim to be teaching the Gospel.  Now, as in past ages, I want My Gospel to be preached for the Salvation of souls; yet I want to see proclaimed what you have just heard about in Holy Scripture; I want “the whole message” to be proclaimed; and it is through these ‘Teachings-in-prayer’ that I am speaking to many of My children about various things to do with faith and discipline amidst My Church and People: things which are currently ignored or minimised.  (T:2040 #1)”




SIXTH EXAMPLE (from Falling in Love pages 474-476, which contains extracts from Teachings-in-Prayer Volume Four.)



“Christ’s way of teaching”.


How I longed  to be able to give hope to others!  … I paid a visit to the church in the afternoon, on the feast of the Visitation - on June 1st 1997; and I asked Christ about His teachings, and about how I should use them.  I’d been asked to give a talk to a womens’ group and very much needed advice.  But Christ suddenly taught me:-


                           Don’t be anxious about how to present My teachings to these people who have asked you for a talk.  “Teach them the way I have taught you.”  What I mean by this is that you can copy My method of teaching - a method now very familiar to you; but you can also teach these people “The Way”, that is, various truths to do with the practice of the Faith. (T:2231 #1)


                        Consider My manner of teaching, first.  If you copy My manner you will strive to be perfectly sincere, truthful, simple and encouraging, in everything you say and do. This attitude is what you have witnessed as you have watched Me during these past few years.  Like Me, you can express things simply at first, and then more deeply, later on; and plain speaking is best, with no attempts at what we can call ‘cleverness’; nor is there any need for complicated explanations. (T:2231 #2)


                   Think about what we can call “The Way”: by which I mean the spiritual path upon which I have led you, through these teachings, as I have led others in past times who have been willing to trust in Me, to accept the gifts and guidance of My Holy Catholic Church, and also to accept special personal helpsand promptings.  My Way is simple, you have learned; yet it requires faith, love and sincerity: with some humility, and a determination to persevere. (T:2231 #3)


Christ’s constant recommendations.


                    Urge these people who approach you: “Live for God”.  Teach them what I have taught you, about making a new beginning - over and over again. (T:2231 #4)


                   Assure needy people

                   that these have been My constant recommendations:

                   Turn to Me, your Saviour.

                   Put your trust in Me, and in the power of My Spirit.

                   Put Me first, in your life, no matter what the cost.

                   Open your heart to Me, in reverence and humility.

                   Consider My holiness and your sinfulness, but

                   Believe in My great Love for you!

                   Believe in the teachings of My Church.

                   Make a new beginning.

                   Put your trust in Me, and

                   turn to My holy Mother: now your Mother, also.

                   We can help you.

                   Put things right; give up sin.   Confess your sins.

                   Be reconciled, and do penance.

                   Yet: be joyful and simple.  I never leave you.

                   Through all your tears and all your joys

                   you are in My care; yet

                             if you turn away

                             you do not allow Me to help you. (T:2231 #5)


                   Accept your circumstances.

                   Ask My help to fulfil your plain duties.

                   Pray every day; turn to Me as to a Friend.

                   Keep My Commandments.

                   Accept My help, through the sacraments, regularly.

                   Offer perfect homage to the Father,

                   through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

                   Pray every prayer of the Mass with reverence.

                   Listen carefully to the Holy Scriptures.

                   Give Me a loving welcome, in Holy Communion,

                   when you are in a state of grace:

                   or else be reconciled, as true friends

                   should be reconciled before a celebration.

                   Be a friend to Me. Visit Me, at the tabernacle.

                   Let Me lead you to the heart of the Holy Trinity.

                   Love Me, and love your neighbour for My sake.

                   Forgive those who hurt you. (T:2231 #6)


                   Keep on praying: even very brief prayers.

                   Make friends with the Saints,

                             and with My holy Angels.

                   Live in the ‘present moment’.

                   Entrust the future to Me.

                   Love My Will: My Holy Will.

                   Work for change, where there is evil, but

                   accept with patience, in union with Me,

                   unavoidable sufferings and humiliations,

                             thus joining in My redemptive work, and

                             helping to save souls.

                   Persevere.  Never give up!

                   Aim for sanctity.

                   Show Me all of your weaknesses,

                             so that I can change you; but

                   remember: I love you ‘madly’!

                   Hope for Heaven! (T:2231 #7)”



SEVENTH EXAMPLE (from Falling in Love pages 490-493, which contains extracts from Teachings-in-Prayer Volume Four.)



“Think of those things which you can boldly proclaim are true: for example: you belong to Me - by your free and loving service.  Your first loyalty is to Me.  Your heart  is   entirely  Mine:  and  your  work  is  progressing  well,  as  you  follow  My instructions.    You have been reassured by the priest whom I chose to examine your work that there is nothing in these books which is contrary to the faith of the Church.  Your former parish priest has played his part in your training, through his watchful care; and your present parish priest has been prepared for his part in this whole work by his reading of these books, and through the conversations and explanations which I have prompted you to initiate.  Furthermore: several books are now ready for distribution and sharing; and these can now include the spiritual autobiography which you wrote several years ago, in order to please Me, at a time when I knew that you could undertake such a difficult task, and I could trust you to store it until the appropriate time would arrive for its use in My whole plan. (T:2339 #3)


                   See how plain it is, at last, that you are going forward in a unique mission which has been planned and set in motion by Me, your Saviour.  It seems as though you are alone, at times - as when a chick leaves its nest; and your ‘nest’ is the routine of your somewhat obscure domestic life, where you have been held securely for many years. But several generous people - including your own children - are ready to help you: even to set up the body which can take care of this work and so promote the Catholic Faith. (T:2339 #4)


                   Be simple, always.  All that you need to do, in order to proceed contentedly in this work is to act as I wish you to act: acting out your new role from the heart!  It is a role which you would never have expected or dared to choose for yourself; but it is a role for which I have marvellously trained you - as you are just beginning to appreciate.  Truly: you are to be a living witness to My Love. (T:2339 #5)


                   Be confident that you are working and living ‘in Christ’ as you do My work.  You are doing it in My Spirit’s Light; and you shall be moving steadily towards the Father, Whose Will it is that you persevere in your task. (T:2339 #6)


Worthy of adoration.


Never could I have believed, in earlier years, that friendship with Christ could mean this: never-ending love shown towards me in prayer, with endless reassurance.  Christ told me, in November of 1997:-


                   Accept My assurance that a great deal of good is going to be accomplished - according to My Will - through the teachings and paintings which you have produced in accordance with My Will; and there are many facets to this work.  Truly, this task has been entirely designed by Myself and directed towards the Father, for His Glory; and so it is rightly entitled ‘Radiant Light’, as I showed you. (T:2383 #3)


                   Consider a special aspect of this work: an aspect of which you have not so far seen the significance.  Think, first, about the reminders which I have given in other eras and to other people about what I do, or what I can do.  It has been through private revelations that I have given My People reminders, for example, about sin and forgiveness.  Through certain persons, I have given reminders that I, your God, still forgive sins, heal, reign, win victories, offer hope - and so work marvels of love in all sorts of ways.  Through your own work, however - through these private revelations, given in prayer - I am reminding My People not principally of what I do, but of what, ‘in’ Myself, I am. (T:2383 #4)


                   Rejoice in your task of being able to give My People this reminder that I, your God - the Holy Trinity, undivided - am Glory and Love and Strength and Holiness: Infinite Beauty, worthy of adoration, and also the Cause of Eternal Bliss for those who achieve Salvation. (T:2383 #5)


                   Rejoice that this reminder of My Perfection and Beauty is expressed so vividly - for the encouragement of those in My Church who struggle to be faithful - precisely because it comes through the work and life of someone who is undistinguished, weak and sinful, yet who now strives at every moment to please Me. (T:2383 #6)

Later, He showed me, in answer to my queries:-


                   See what a simple task this is, at its heart.  I wish to encourage My People to practice their faith.  Through this work, I am giving special help to many Catholics - and other Christians - who neither believe in nor practice those things which can lead them close to Me.  It is of supreme importance that people repent of their sins, in order to proceed on their spiritual journey and to grow in the hope of Heaven; yet in order to repent sincerely, they need to be led to know - or to be reminded - about which things are sinful and which things are not; hence the firm instructions which are ‘woven’ amongst the loving and encouraging comments, in these teachings. (T:2386 #11)


A spiritual autobiography.


The Holy Spirit, too, shone His Light within my soul, and reassured me:-


                   don’t be anxious about how to introduce your work, or how to explain its origin.  give books to anyone who expresses an interest in prayer; then put your trust in me.  i shall guide people in their understanding. (T:2392 #2)


Then He urged me to be brave about another stage in the work which He was inviting me to achieve.  He explained:-


                   share your joy with other people, in the ways which i have indicated so far; and don’t be afraid to use the spiritual autobiography which you wrote in obedience to my wishes.  when you have checked it, and made minor additions, you can circulate it in an appropriate manner.  it is a part of this entire project which i, your god, have designed, and have enabled you to undertake.(T:2396 #4)


                   recognise and rejoice in the truth about your toils; i am effecting, through your life and labours, a tremendous work of encouragement-of-faith for other people.(T:2396 #5)


The Holy Spirit also urged me:-


                        never grow despondent, whether hearing about desertions from the faith, or about mockery and opposition.  you have heard, about ancient times, that: “all the pagans conformed to the king’s decree ... yet there were many ... who stood firm and found the courage to refuse unclean food.”  i assure you, my child, that i see what great courage it takes, today, for my own people to do my will and to resist sinful influences.  the happiest of all amongst you - as you have learned - are those who rely on my help at every moment and who are determined to please me.  (T:2403 #1)


                        remind my people that the happiest, too, are those who are never afraid to turn back to me whenever they have sinned: to confess their sins and to be reconciled.  i delight in rewarding repentant souls for every admission of truth, and for every act of humility.(T:2403 #2)”





T:1370 (#1 and 2) was given in prayer on 18.11.93.

T:1954 (#1 and 2)                                      10.07.96.

T:1971 (#5 and 6)          "                           29.07.96.

T:2014 (#2)                    "                           17.09.96.

T:2015 (#1 and 2)          "                           17.09.96.

T:2016 (#1 and 2)          "                           17.09.96.

T:2031 (#1)                    "                           08.10.96.

T:2032 (#1 and 2)          "                           09.10.96.

T:2040 (#1)                    "                           18.10.96

T:2231 (#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7)                   31.05.97

T:2339 (#3, 4, 5 and 6)  "                           28.09.97

T:2383 (#3, 4, 5 and 6)  "                           01.11.97

T:2386 #11)          was given in prayer on  02.11.97

T:2392 (#2)                    "                           08.11.97

T:2396 (#4 and 5)          "                           10.11.97

T:2403 (#2)                    "                           17.11.97