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Lesson Plan for Teachers – The Art of Elizabeth Wang 

Click here for this lesson plan, which contains these sections: ‘Introduction, Inspiration and influences, Style & themes, Questions for discussion, Suggested activities.

Art Gallery

The Radiant Light online Art Gallery contains over 5000 pictures on various Christian themes, many of which are organised into themed exhibitions. To see larger versions of each picture, click on the thumbnail picture within an exhibition. The pictures illustrate well-known Christian themes in striking contemporary imagery. The themes include: The holiness of God, the power of the Eucharist, the merciful love of Christ, Christian prayer, the journey of faith, living with suffering, and the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the angels and saints. To visit the Art Gallery click here. As well as the themed galleries, you can view a wider selection of topics by clicking on the red 'View All Key Subjects' link at the top of the website. There are hundreds of keywords here with links to the relevant pictures.

Please note that some of the images (e.g. about life issues, or spiritual struggles) are quite graphic and potentially disturbing, and so they might not be suitable for younger children to view and use. Teachers must take responsibility for viewing the site carefully and deciding how it can be used in an age-appropriate way with their pupils. With younger children it may be best for the teacher to moderate the navigation of the site for the whole class, in a supervised way, rather than letting these younger children search for images themselves. Most of the themed galleries and keyword-searches will in fact contain images that are suitable for use with children of all ages.

Free Downloads

All of the images in the Radiant Light online Art Gallery are now available for certain uses as Free Downloads at a higher quality. There is no fee for downloading these images for certain uses. For information click here.

Copyright - permitted use of the pictures by teachers

Protected materials from this website which are copyrighted by Radiant Light (including images, text, and other content) may be used for non-commercial purposes which are personal or educational or religious, such as personal meditation, teaching, catechesis, worship, research or commentary. Users who wish to use protected materials from this website for such uses may do so without express permission from Radiant Light, provided that they comply with certain conditions including citing a copyright acknowledgment. To read the full Radiant Light Copyright Policy click here.

Search function

On the homepage, and at the bottom of this web page, there is a box marked 'Search images'. This is a search function which searches the pictures in the Radiant Light online Art Gallery by picture title. It may help you if you are looking for images which are on a particular theme for a class. After you have searched for a word, it displays all the pictures it finds which have that keyword in their titles. For example you could search for words such as: God, prayer, love, scripture, light, saints, Mass, angels, suffering, Trinity, Spirit, Father, Mary, cross, holiness, praise, help, comfort, etc. If you cannot find an image with the word you are searching by, try a similar word. E.g. try searching for 'scripture' instead of 'Bible', or 'resurrection' instead of 'Easter', and this may find more relevant images.


Posters (A3 size)

Twelve posters are available - at size A3 (total poster size: 41.3cm x 29cm). They are sold individually or as a set. Each poster has a short commentary and scripture quotation printed at the bottom. To see the posters and for information click here.

Larger 'Mass' Posters

'The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: Mass Poster'. This laminated poster contains twenty full-colour paintings which illustrate the Mass from beginning to end, with English and Latin picture titles. (Total poster size:16.5" x 24.5"). For information click here and scroll down until you see the poster.

Postcard packs

Two packs of postcards are available:
'Prayer Postcards: Hope and encouragement' contains sixteen colour postcards of paintings, including topics such as: God's love, prayer, the spiritual life and suffering.

'Rosary Postcards' is a set of twenty postcards, illustrating the twenty mysteries of the Rosary, including the new Mysteries of Light. For information about both sets click here.

Art prints available 'on demand', according to individual requirements

High quality art prints are available "on demand" from The Bridgeman Art Library according to specific, individual requirements. Bridgeman has 42 of Elizabeth Wang's pictures available for sale as high quality fine art prints or as canvases, in a variety of sizes, with or without a frame. These prints can only be ordered through the Bridgeman website. They deliver throughout the world. For information click here.


About Elizabeth Wang

For further information click here.

Interview about Art

To read a long interview with Elizabeth Wang about her art, and about how her style and themes have developed over the years, click here.


"It has often been said that the difficulty modern people have with faith is not so much about the arguments for or against it, but with the difficulty of imagining God's presence in our highly secularised world. The work of Radiant Light is a perfect answer to that problem. Elizabeth Wang's art helps us make "the longest journey", from head to heart, by picturing what this presence might be like in a variety of situations. Radiant Light thus continues the great tradition of the Church from earliest days in using contemporary art to instruct us about God's truth and attract us to his beauty, leading us on to heartfelt adoration and to awareness of his being with us and all people from moment to moment." MGR. KEITH BARLTROP, Director, Catholic Agency to Support Evangelisation (CASE), UK, 2007.

"I have been very impressed by the way Elizabeth Wang seeks to expand people's sense of the mystery of the Eucharist in all its dimensions". FR AIDAN NICHOLS, O.P. From the back cover of the book 'The Purpose of the Priesthood', by Elizabeth Wang, 2005.

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