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The Purpose of the Priesthood, by Elizabeth Wang

‘The Purpose of the Priesthood contains encouragement and advice for Catholic priests. It reminds them about the central meaning of the Priesthood, and about the need to teach the Catholic Faith in it…

How to Pray: Preparation, by Elizabeth Wang

This text is published as Chapter 1 of How to Pray (Part One: Foundations), entitled 'How to Prepare'.  An introduction to the life of prayer with much practical advice about how to deepen your prayer…

Autobiography of Elizabeth Wang, Part 2

This text forms part of Elizabeth Wang's Falling in Love: A Spiritual Autobiography (1999). It tells the story of her life and of her spiritual journey as she came to know Christ and His Church.

You …

A Picture of a Faithful Diocese

A short piece of writing by Elizabeth Wang about how the Catholic faith can be lived and celebrated within a Faithful Diocese, and the responsibilities of all the faithful - and especially bishops - t…

Communion with the Trinity, by Elizabeth Wang

This text is based on a talk with the title 'The Holy Trinity: Reaching Out to Help Us'. 

Let's start with a passage from the letter to the Hebrews, Chapter 12, verse 1: 

“With so many witnesses in …

For Priests, A Meditation by Elizabeth Wang

Here I am to assure you 
that whenever you turn to Me 
with an 'open' heart 
you delight Me. 
In your bad times and good times
you are precious to Me;
and it delights Me to…

Showing 1 - 16 of 16