Writings » Encouragement From Christ, A Meditation by Elizabeth Wang

Turn to Me, your Saviour. 
Put your trust in Me and in the power of My Spirit. 
Put Me first in your life, no matter what the cost. 
Open your heart to Me, in reverence and humility. 

Consider My holiness and your sinfulness, but
believe in My great love for you, and
believe in the teachings of My holy Catholic Church
through which I guide and help you.

Make a new beginning, and put your trust in Me.
Turn to My holy Mother, also.
She is your true mother, in the spiritual life.
We can help you, in your weakness,
if you will do your part to put things right.
Give up sin. Confess your sins.
Be reconciled, and do penance.
Be joyful and simple.
I love you; and I never leave you.
You are in My care, through all your tears and all your joys;
and if you refuse My help
or if you turn away from Me again
I won't stop loving you, although My burning desire
is to see you saved from such turmoil and darkness.

Be brave. Accept your circumstances.
Ask for My help to fulfil your plain duties.

Pray every day. Turn to Me as to a friend.
Keep My Commandments.
Accept My help, regularly, through the sacraments.
Offer perfect homage to the Father
through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
Pray every prayer of the Mass with reverence.
Listen carefully to the Holy Scriptures.
Give Me a loving welcome, in Holy Communion
when you are in a state of grace:
or else be reconciled, as true friends should be reconciled before a special celebration.

Be a true friend to Me.
Visit Me at the tabernacle.
Let Me lead you to the heart of the Godhead:
to the heart of the Holy Trinity.

Keep your faith alive and active,
through reverent prayer and glad service.
Love Me, and love your neighbour for My sake.
Forgive those who hurt you, and pick up your cross again.
Make a new beginning, over and over again,
relying on My graces.
Keep on praying: even very brief prayers.
Make friends with the Saints who love you
and with the holy Angels who guard you.

Now that you have tried to put right past wrongs
learn to live in the 'present moment'.
Entrust the future to Me.
Love My Will: My Holy Will.
Work for change, where there is evil,
but accept with patience, in union with Me,
unavoidable sufferings and humiliations.
This is how you can join in My redemptive work.
This is how you can help Me to save souls!

Don't be disturbed by mockery or opposition.
My Way is simple.
It requires faith, love and hope, and sincerity
and a determination to persevere;
but it will bring true peace and joy to you, and light and Glory.

That's why I urge you, My child:
Never give up! Aim for sanctity!
Show Me all of your weaknesses, so that I can change you;
but remember: I love you 'madly'.
Never doubt My love.
Hope for Heaven.

Understand the truth: about what it means to say
that someone is 'ready' for Heaven.
To be truly 'ready' is to have repented of all wrong,
to have made reparation, to have done penance,
and to have lived a prayerful life
in the service of Myself, and your neighbour.
It is also to be thoroughly reconciled
to the Father, through Me,
and to be at peace with those around you.
It is to love My Will so much
that there is no hesitation at the thought of stepping
from this life to the next, when the Father calls you.
To be truly 'ready' is to be able to leave Earthly life
as gladly - and as easily - as when
someone steps onto a ship or onto a train, at last,
in order to go home.