Writings » The Holy Eucharist, A Meditation by Elizabeth Wang


Listen to Me, all who love Me. 

I have a message for you 

about the Holy Eucharist. 

I am a consuming fire of love, 

Jesus Christ, God-made-man:

all-compassionate and all-holy.

And I am Present amongst you

at every Mass, and in the tabernacle,

under sacramental signs.

Some of My friends in past ages

have been on fire with gratitude.

They have used every means

to become worthy of My friendship.

Some have given their whole lives

in contemplation of the Godhead.

I do not call each of you

to follow the same vocation.

But I ask you all to remember

that I, Who was holy then,

am no less holy today.

I am Present ‘whole and entire’,

to give myself to you completely

in the sacrament of your salvation.

Yet the welcome I receive today

is often lukewarm or cold.

Many of you approach Me

unprepared or poorly instructed,

or lacking love and gratitude,

or even ignorant of My Divinity.

Some attend Mass only rarely,

or neglect to fast in My honour

before Holy Communion,

or fail to confess their serious sins.

Many fail to genuflect in church,

or fail to wear modest clothing.

Some chatter loudly to one another,

in My consecrated ‘house of prayer’.

These are some of the reasons

why I ask you to act with reverence,

and to honour My Real Presence,

here, on the threshold of Heaven.

Remember this, My children:

after the words of Consecration,

what you see on the holy altar

is no longer bread and wine.

This is My Sacred Body and Blood,

My Soul and My Divinity,

It is I, Jesus, risen from the dead.

My Holy Angels surround the altar,

bowing low in adoration.

The Holy Saints are close to you,

united with you in prayer.

The Holy Souls , now being purified,

pray with you at every Mass.

My Holy Sacrifice of the Cross

is re-presented here, for your sakes,

through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Mass is unique, on earth,

as worthy praise of the Father of Light.

And in Holy Communion I come to you

to offer you holiness and Eternal Life.